Wireless Solutions Airwavz Solutions partners with property and building owners to ensure that clients receive 5G ready wireless connectivity—today and tomorrow. In-Building

Building Mobility

We design, develop, own, and operate 5G-ready, fiber backbone wireless infrastructure platforms as a service for building owners and enterprise clients. With mobile consumption continuing to grow, in-building connectivity is essential. We excel at helping you flexibly solve your in-building wireless challenges. At Airwavz we want to help you provide seamless connectivity that’s affordable, dependable, and future-proof. It’s what we call Building Mobility™.

Providing Advanced Wireless Solutions


Are you experiencing dropped calls or lack of wireless connectivity while you are at work?


Are you capitalizing on the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 and supporting secure building applications?


Are you effectively managing and monetizing the premium vertical-riser space in your facility?


Are you currently compliant with the requirements of your jurisdictional authority?


Are you prepared to support critical PropTech initiatives in a post-COVID world?


Are you positioned to play an active role in managing the wireless network experience in your property?

A Smart Choice for your Building Mobility

Partnering with Airwavz delivers advanced wireless technology to help you manage your building mobility needs.

Wireless Service

Our wireless infrastructure platform helps you achieve the speed and agility needed for today’s competitive mobile business world.

Building Owners +
Property Management

We partner with you to develop the most effective technical and financial solutions to meet your wireless and telecommunications needs.

Business, Enterprise +
Government Entities

Our wireless infrastructure platform is your stepping stone to achieve the speed and agility needed for today’s competitive mobile business world.

Cypress Waters Cypress Waters Cypress Waters emphasizes the benefits of a live/work community within 5 minutes of DFW Airport.


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Ballantyne Corporate Park Ballantyne Corporate Park This thriving corporate campus fits naturally among the residential, retail and recreational components to maximize convenience and balance for the employees working here.


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Memorial City Mall Memorial City Mall Memorial City is a typical Airwavz in-building “end-to-end” operational platform with a C-RAN head end with dedicated fiber optics and D-RAN wireless systems delivering outstanding wireless service across a major development. 


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Building Mobility

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