Building Mobility

Providing Advanced Wireless Solutions

Who We Are

We design, develop, own and operate 5G-ready, fiber backbone wireless infrastructure platforms as a service for building owners and enterprise customers. We help you flexibly and economically solve the coverage and capacity challenge created by the exponential explosion of mobile consumption. Our holistic solutions-driven approach delivers a customized end-to-end wireless technology platform that aligns with your financial and performance requirements.

Who We Serve

We serve organizations that have requirements to improve their wireless and mobility performance in and around buildings. Approximately 80 percent of mobile data consumption originates or terminates inside buildings and only a small fraction of buildings have adequate wireless infrastructure. Wireless services are becoming a critical factor in tenants’ decisions to lease commercial real estate and are considered the fourth utility. Partnering with Airwavz delivers advanced wireless technology to help you manage your building mobility needs.

  • Building Owners &
    Property Management

    We partner with you to develop the most effective technical and financial solutions to meet your wireless and telecommunications needs. Our Infrastructure as a Service Platform offers a complete end-to-end solution that includes design and engineering, deployment and service provider management, 24-hour support and on-going operations of in-building wireless infrastructure. We own and operate your advanced wireless and supporting telecommunications infrastructure…so you don’t need to.

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  • Wireless Service Providers

    We are innovators redefining the current in-building wireless model. We provide you cost-effective solutions and rapid deployments. Our technology-agnostic, in-building end-to-end operational platform turns commercial buildings into cell towers, adding capacity and coverage solutions for your networks and in turn, offering your customers superior wireless voice and data services.

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  • Business, Enterprise & Government Entities

    Our wireless infrastructure platform is your stepping stone to achieve the speed and agility needed for today’s competitive mobile business world. Overlay data intensive applications, managed services and even fiber to the desktop on top of our advanced communications technologies to increase employee and team-based productivity, and align strategic decision making to return on investment.

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