About Airwavz

Our Mission

Airwavz’ mission is to be the go-to provider of smart, sustainable wireless solutions for real estate owners and mobile companies.

We help our clients provide seamless, high-speed connectivity to their tenants and customers, conveniently and affordably. By creating an in-building, wireless infrastructure that meets the clients’ unique needs and goals, we empower them to better serve their tenants/customers with less hassle and a bigger profit margin. Our mission is to offer low-cost and dependable solutions that make us a household name in our industry and an automatic, first choice for prospective clients.

Company Background

  • Founded in 2013 by executives from the wireless, broadband, energy, and real estate sectors.
  • Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Regional offices strategically located throughout the Unites States to service property owners, and wireless carriers.
  • Over 60 million square feet under agreement and growing.


Our neutral host in-building wireless solutions have been successfully deployed and brought on-air with multiple carriers for our valued clients.


Backed by multi-billion dollar private equity with deep telecom portfolio holdings.


Airwavz Solutions works with all major wireless carriers and has established national partnership agreements with the major service providers.

Our Values

At Airwavz, we operate with transparency. Our clients need to be able to trust us. We want them to value us for our dependability and accountability. Transparency is one way we demonstrate that we’re dependable and accountable.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and goals, which are the starting point for the customized wireless solutions we provide. We listen first, before quickly jumping in with a solution. We seek to partner with and advocate for our customers.

We empower our people. We encourage employee ownership in our company and take responsibility for the quality of our work. Our people are most invested in the outcome of their work when they have a stake in it.

We act with integrity and do the right thing. Honesty and integrity form the bedrock of our commitment to the clients we serve. They need to know they can count on the advice we give them. They also need to count on us.

We build connections. We broker deals on behalf of our clients and bridge gaps in the wireless industry. By expanding wireless infrastructure and smart building technology, we’re also building a more connected world.

We get the job done. No matter the challenge, we find a way to create an in-building solution that suits the needs of the client.  We are tenacious and innovative in the face of any problem that needs a solution.

Our Vision

Airwavz will develop and expand the wireless infrastructure of tomorrow, by helping real estate  owners and wireless providers equip buildings with high-speed connectivity they can count on.

Our clients will come to rely on our services: They will see them as invaluable. Airwavz will  be known as the partner to turn to for in-building wireless technology that’s nimble, flexible,  dependable, and affordable.

Having earned the trust and respect of our clients, Airwavz will establish itself as the industry choice  for seamless connectivity. We will develop a reputation for being the leader in creating wireless  technologies for an ever-changing landscape. A landscape where private networks begin to  complement public networks to extend speed and capability that better meets users’ needs.

As we continue to advance and deploy in-building wireless solutions,  we will also expand and enhance wireless connections and the  connected experience. The evidence of our success will be a more  robust wireless capacity, one that’s better equipped for the demands  of a dense and growing population. We’ll be able to say we shaped  this transformation in the wireless industry—at the end of which is a  more connected world.