In-Building DAS

What We Do

Airwavz Solutions partners with building and property owners to develop long term mobility solutions that are 5G-ready and future-proof to flexibly and economically solve the coverage and capacity challenge created by the exponential explosion of mobile consumption.

The Mobile Infrastructure Shift

75% of mobile devices will be smart devices by 2022

Smartphones will generate 6.8 GB of traffic per month by 2021

More than 80% of all data sessions originate or terminate inside a building

On average people check their phones over 58 times a day.

Why 5G-Ready In Building Wireless Solutions?

Wireless connectivity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for commercial building owners. Your needs are unique and require a custom approach. Airwavz tailors wireless infrastructure to meet the needs of your space and the people who occupy it. We design, build and operate DAS in-building wireless infrastructure using advanced fiber networks and wireless antenna systems to connect people and devices with each other and with the world outside.

In-building wireless solutions offers answers for building owners that make their properties more attractive to tenants.

Wireless is a determining factor in tenant leases

Wireless directly impacts tenant productivity and user experience

Co-Working and Flex-Space tenants rely on wireless connectivity

Building Management Systems are converging through wireless innovation

More people have the expectation of reliable, high quality, wireless connectivity in the buildings where they spend the most time


61% of building owners report advanced communications provide a competitive advantage.


5 Hours a day is the average amount of time users spend on mobile devices.


Access to advanced communications is raised in 75% of negotiations.

Airwavz’s solution-driven approach delivers a customized end-to-end in-building wireless solution that aligns with financial and performance requirements.

What We Deliver

  • No upfront capital required from our clients
  • Neutral-host solution
  • Tech upgrades (5G-ready in-building wireless solutions, CBRS, p-LTE)
  • Benchmark testing and design
  • All construction, cabling (fiber), antennas, equipment, testing and system commissioning
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance including preventative, repair and replacements over
  • Contract negotiations with all parties; carriers, vendors, and integrators
  • Service level agreements (SLA’s) with carriers
  • Coordination of all move/add/changes

Our Process

Step One


Meet and understand your needs

Step Two


Non-binding Letter of understanding

Step Three


Current signal strength on your property

Step Four


Full design of system review with owner and carrier

Step Five


Full scale construction including system testing

Step Six


System goes live with carrier connection

Designed For Performance

Building owners, tenants, and visitors expect a seamless wireless experience. Every property has a unique RF environment, which drives user cellular performance.

Airwavz Solutions provides Wireless Assessments ( a carrier grade measure of cellular performance) at no cost to building owners. At Airwavz Solutions, we operate with transparency and offering this at no cost shows our commitment to helping our clients meet their needs for wireless connectivity.

Partner With Experience

Airwavz Solutions has been involved in the wireless industry since its inception. We’ve been directly involved in the deployment of billions of dollars of wireless infrastructure over the last three decades. We have deep experience in developing wireless infrastructure in dynamic and challenging environments.