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What We Do

We partner with building and property owners to develop long-term mobility solutions. Our end-to-end advanced wireless platform is ideal for hospitality, commercial, retail, multi-family residential and mixed-use properties. We collaborate with our customers to develop ‘right-sized’ solutions to solve their unique coverage and capacity challenges. Airwavz has partnered with some of the largest property owners in the country.

We offer flexibility in funding options and encourage economic participation from both building owners and wireless providers.

Wireless services are becoming a critical factor in tenants’ decisions to lease commercial real estate and many are now considering wireless services as the 4th utility.

With more businesses adopting “Bring Your Own Device”€ (BYOD) policies, the need for high-quality infastructure services in commercial buildings is paramount. Public safety wireless services are becoming required in many jurisdictions, forcing property owners to deploy expensive wireless equipment. Airwavz partners with commercial building owners and with major wireless providers to install and operate robust, high-availability advanced wireless infrastructure.

Airwavz’ technology-agnostic solutions infrastructure supports all major wireless carriers’€ technologies including CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE as well as public safety and commercial-grade Wi-Fi.