Our Process

In-Building Wireless Systems can be daunting. Airwavz works with the building owner or enterprise and services providers to determine the best technical solution to meet the expected performance requirements and aligns these technologies solutions to the stakeholder’€s financial expectations.

The process of aligning stakeholder’€s requirements is a highly iterative and complex effort. It requires a thorough understanding of the scope of the project and all available solutions so that the completed system exceeds performance expectations and integrates seamlessly within the local cellular networks, for today and well into the future.

  • Real Estate

    We work with building owners, property management or the enterprise to determine the overall technology and economic performance objective. We work with building owners on the following tasks:

    • Document scope and priorities with owners
    • Secure building and site plans
    • Review permitting requirements
    • Determine economic strategy
    • Agree on project timelines
    • Secure rights to represent property to service providers
  • Prelim Engineering

    We puts significant time and resources to develop a preliminary design to secure wireless service provider interest. This includes not only the building details such as occupancies rates and types tenants, but also an understanding of the current wireless service in and around the building. We perform the following tasks prior to any presentations to wireless service providers and at no cost to owners or service providers.

    • Benchmark testing of the building
    • Preliminary design including performance metrics
    • Estimated costs and schedules
    • Preliminary design package to wireless service providers
    • Design iterations as needed with wireless service providers
  • Contract Negotiations

    Once the stakeholders have all agreed to the technical and economic objectives, we begin the process of negotiating long-term agreements with both the building owners or enterprise and wireless service providers. Depending on the priority and the ultimate economic structure, the negotiations with the carriers can take time.

    • Site license agreement with building owner or enterprise
    • Long-term operating agreement with wireless service providers
    • Any additional agreements needed to complete the project
  • Final Engineering

    The Final design is the collection of all previous efforts into a single, executable program. This includes the In-building designs that include coverage and throughput objectives, cable and antenna placements, fiber optic networks and head-end designs.

    • Final In-building designs
    • Antenna placement and cable routing
    • Equipment placement and space requirements
    • Fiber Optic interconnection and entrance facilities
    • Head-end requirements
  • Development

    Once the contracts and Final Engineering is complete, a Notice to Proceed is generated. This triggers a series of events that includes not just the installation of equipment inside the building, but all supporting infrastructure required to deliver high-performance wireless service. This includes the following:

    • Securing all required permits
    • Installation of riser cables or inter-building fiber-optic network
    • Installation of all antennae and RF cable
    • Installation or turn-up of front-haul fiber optic network
    • Installation of head-end equipment
    • Integration with wireless service provider networks
  • Operations

    Our Network Operation Center provides 24-hour a day, 7-days a week monitoring of all parts of the in-building wireless infrastructure. In conjunction with our field support personnel, any performance related issues will be dealt with in a proactive and timely manner. Specific attributes of the Airwavz Operations Program include:

    • 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring
    • Online trouble ticket generation with automatic notification
    • Help desk support for troubles and maintenance related issues
    • Root cause analysis and trouble resolution
    • Periodic performance reports